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Intellect Design Arena Limited Launches “iTurmeric Fincloud” Platform

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ITurmeric FinCloud", a cloud-ready, API-first, microservices-based platform. Chairman and Managing Director Wisdom Design Arena Limited: Arun Jain. "ITurmeric FinCloud", a cloud-ready, API-first, microservices-based platform, has been launched by Intellect Design Arena Ltd., a full spectrum banking and insurance products company. This platform has been launched through IBM Public Cloud. This platform

Sameer Aggarwal, new CEO of Walmart India

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Sameer Aggarwal will be the next CEO of Best Price, Walmart India. He will replace Krish Iyer and will take over from April 1. According to information from Walmart India, Sameer Aggarwal will report directly to Dirk van den Bergh, who is the Regional CEO and Executive Vice President of