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Lab Assistant answer key 13 Nov 2016 to be released soon, RSMSSB


Rajasthan Subordinate and Ministerial Services Selection Board (RSMSSB)  is expected to release Lab Assistant answer key for the written exam held on November 13, 2016. Number of candidate search the answer key for Lab Assistant after complete the exam. Now  Check the RSMSSB Lab Assistant Answer Key 2016, Download Raj Lab Assistant  Solved Paper Solution 13th Nov All Sets wise and with Cut Off Marks

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिया पेज को नीचे की और स्क्रोल करो

How to check RSMSSB Lab Assistant Answer Key 2016 online

Visit the official website

Click the answer key

Date of Exam: November 13, 2016

Upload the answer key: coming soon

Check One by One answer key Lab Assistant Answer Key 2016

The most common HIV subtype in india is


Human brain is more intelligent than monkey  brain due to

Larger brain

Chemical formula of heroin ( smack  ) is


Consider a sphere of uniformly distributed mass 1kg/m3 and radius 1m

0.50 Kg m2

A rod of length l and uniformly


For a perfect gas the specific


At a certain point Two wave creae pressure variation as p1=p sin

P root 2

Intensity ratio I ma / I min 100 and 1 is


Distance between the electron

-9.2*10-8 newton

Total charge on sphere of radius 10 cm is 1 micro coulomb

9*105 Newton/Coulomb

In the process of formation PN junction which of the following is true

Ans : Diffusion of electrons and holes goes on infinitely

Logic block diagram for gate

Exclusive OR

A 5:1 transformer is connected to a half wave rectifier


Consider sphere of uniformly distributed mass


For a perfect gas the specific heat at constant pressure Cp


Electric flux entering a closed surface is 2*103

0.053 micro coulomb

Two parallel plane surface with equal but opposite charges Choose the correct statement

Resultant electric  field between the planes and is o/2E0but outside the planes it is zero

Compounds show both schottky as well as frenkel defect


Collligative properties of a solution depends on the

Number of solute particles

Following sets quantum number


Electronic configuration

Bohr-bury rule

At particular temperature and pressure

Both melting point and freezing point

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