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How to Protect and Prevent Google Adsense account get disabled

prevent google adsence account

Tips and trick for Protect and Prevent Google Adsense account get disabled, How to prevent  google  AdSense Account Banned, How to prevent  youtube monetization google AdSense Account

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिया पेज को नीचे की और स्क्रोल करो

Tips and trick for how to Protect and Prevent Google Adsense account

First Tip: Daily  unique content upload avoid copy content and upload the unique video content on youtube channel

Second Tip: Check and Follow the Google update rules and term and condition privacy policy

Third Tip: Avoid upload the pornographic content and video on your site and  youtube channel

prevent google adsence account
prevent google adsence account


Fourth Tip: Not Display more than 3 ads on any single page.

Fifth Tips: Not manipulate the Google Adsense code and used to other Site

Not used and update Violent content.

Google provide two types of Adsense account for every publisher: hosted Google account and non-hosted Google Adsense Account

Hosted Account:
Non-hosted Adsense Account:

Hosted Account: hosted account display the ads only google product like youtube channel, google Blogspot product, HubPages.
non-hosted Adsense Account: non-hosted Adsense Account Display the ads Website and all google product like youtube channel, google bBlogspotproduct, HubPages.

How Google Adsense Work on hosted account and non-hosted Adsense Account


Ads display hosted account:

Ads display on youtube video: Ads display on youtube video in bottom side, sidebar, as display on starting youtube video and after some minute,
Ads display on Blogspot: Display ads on Blogspot  sidebar and in post, pages, Top header, bottom footer side

Ads display non-hosted Adsense Account

login google account and Manual generate the ads and add the code in website page, post, top side
In non-hosted Account, you can design the ads according to requirements such as color combination set font set,
manage ads size, responsive ads set, text and image ads design.

Ads display and Manage account: Horizontal display, Vertical, Responsive, Square Custom Size,

Google Adsense Work and pay for payment

pay per click, pay per view, pay according to impression, website traffic



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