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How to create Setup manage Youtube Channel front Home page Settings

Customize create manage youtube Channel Homepage layout

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इस पोस्ट को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिया पेज को नीचे की और स्क्रोल करो, इस पोस्ट को पूरा पढ़ें क्या पता आपके लिए कौन सा पॉइंट हेल्पफुल हो

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If you are create attractive YouTube Channel Homepage layout Follow the below side step and Customize YouTube Channel Home Page layout. It is also help full in increase the views and YouTube subscriber.

How to increase the YouTube Visitor and subscriber change the YouTube Channel front Home page

Number of Visitor direct visit the your YouTube channel via google search, Face search Bing search and your website link.So in case you are manage the YouTube front page in systematically just like popular video show the play list, systematically play list Show, Show the latest video, popular video in section wise so user easily visit and check all video one by one

Customize Settings Manage Create YouTube Channel Home Page layout

1) Login YouTube Channel or Search   your Channel

2) Go to custom channel

Click “Channel Settings” to open your Settings page.

3) Show two Option ,For returning subscribers, and ,For new visitors,

4) If you are move mouse right Side and Show Hidden Edit Option

5) Now Select ( Choose a video or playlist to feature here ) and 2nd option show For new visitors ( Choose a video ).

6) Select the Drop down option Recent upload Vedio, uploaded Vedio

How to Add a section and Show section wise vedio content Youtube Home page like that Popular uploads, uploads, Playlists, Posted video, Liked video, Recent post and Recent activity

How to show category wise playlist wise content video in youtube homepage

a) Click Add a section option
b) Select Drop down option Popular uploads, uploads option
c) Select layout horizontal and vertical
d) Click on Done Option

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