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How can you make millionaire with PF account provident fund


How Your PF account can help you become a millionaire. Benefits of PF account. If you retire, your PF account. You can make a millionaire how? Millionaires will make a PF account, so much money will be deposited every month.PF account can make you a millionaire with details. What is the benefit of PF account? Your PF Fund (provident fund) Will Make You Millionaire.
We are telling you what your monthly contributions should be in provident fund for building 1 crore or more fund

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How Your PF account can help you become a millionaire

Retirement fund at 5, 000 pf contribution
Current age 30 years
Retirement age 60 years
Investment period 30 years
PF contribution 5,000 rupees
Current return on EPF 8.65%
Retirement fund 85.7 lakh




Benefits of PF account

Tax-free rebate:

The best thing about a PF fund is that there is no interest on the income generated from it.

Online Transfer PF

You can get information about your PF account sitting at home, as well as through the UAN number that you can know whether the PF amount is being deposited in your account

PF is not closed on job change:

The special thing is that the amount deposited in the Provident Fund does not go away when you quit your job. Rather you can transfer your account to your next institution when you change your job.

Do not withdraw money PF account in between:

Because if you do this then the original money will be reduced and then the returns will also decrease.


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