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Google Adsense new ads unit Automatically smarter ads how to used code


what is Google Adsense Automatically smarter, how to implement Automatically smarter ads unit code Benefits, how to increase website adsense earning, Adsense auto ads use kaise kare website me word press me or Kya Hai ads Automatically smarter ads

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिया पेज को नीचे की और स्क्रोल करो

You have racived email for google adsece for new ads unit upade new option ads in side bar menu. So number of publisher ask and search what is Automatically smarter ads in Google Adsense,
How to used Automatically smarter ads in website, Whats is Benefits of Google Adsense Automatically smarter

How to implement wordpress php .net java and other platform Google Adsense Automatically smarter ads

What is Google Adsense new ads unit Automatically smarter ads


Google Adsense Automatically detect free space in your page and google Adsense display 2 to 6 according to free space


Google Adsense used Artificial Intelligence technology or Google Machine Learning technology for
ditect free space in your website


How to used Google Adsense new ads unit Automatically smarter ads

1) Login Google Adsense account and Go to Side bar
2) Go to Auto Ads option Automatically smarter ads
3) Click Check Box Automatically get new formats
4) Copy Code and past in website page


If you are used word press or other platform so just copy Automatically smarter ads code and past in header.php file or common file that is common file include in all project file
for eg header file sidebar file footer file body file other


I Will already used other ads unit ?

you are already implement other ads unit text ads unit display ads unit no problem If yo want used this ads unit so can do it no any effect on google adsence policy



According to google adsence policy you can only 6 ads display on one page but if you used Automatically smarter ads so google Automatically direct free space and display the ads according to 2 to 4

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