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Famous scientist and his brilliant inventions world GK

Famous scientist and his brilliant inventions

Top 10 Famous scientist and his brilliant inventions world GK for all Competitive exam like REET RAS Delhi Police Rajasthan Police Exam Who knows who to search for, Important information on discovering and inventing,

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिया पेज को नीचे की और स्क्रोल करो

The world’s Famous scientist and his inventions in the world, The world Greatest Scientists Who Changed The World Famous scientists and their brilliant inventions

Here is the complete list of science’s main inventions and their scientists with details 


Scientific researchers – explorers

Search of electron: – J. J. Thomson (Born: 18 December 1856,) (Discoveries: Electron, Isotope, Subatomic particle)
Search of the proton: – Goldstein (Born: 5 September 1850, Gliwice, Poland) (Parents: Bertha Goldstein, Julius Goldstein)
Looking for Neutron: – James Chadwick
Search for nuclei: – Rutherford
Dynamo: – Michael Faraday
Atomic principle: – John Dalton
Radio Activation: – Henry Bequerell
Search of Radium: – Madam Curie
Dynamite: – Alfred Nobel
PH scale: – S.p. Sorenson

Hydrogen: – Henry Cavendish
Nitrogen: – Rutherford
Oxygen: – Sheila and Priestley
Inert gas, argon: – Ramze and Raleigh
Thorium: – Berzelius
Television: – JLL Baird
Barometer: – Torricelli
Rail engine: – George Stefansson
Gramophone: – Addison
Binoculars: – galliolio
Steam engine: – James Watt
Legal Magnetic Induction: – Faraday
X-ray: – Rantagean
Logarithm: – John Napier

List of Famous Inventors with details

वैज्ञानिक खोजे- खोजकर्ता

इलेक्ट्रॉन की खोज (inventions) :- जे०जे०थॉमसन
प्रोटॉन की खोज (inventions):- गोल्डस्टीन
न्यूट्रॉन की खोज (inventions):- जेम्स चैडविक
नाभिक की खोज (inventions):- रदरफोर्ड
डायनेमो (inventions):- माइकेल फैराडे
परमाणु सिद्धांत (inventions):- जॉन डाल्टन
रेडियो सक्रियता (inventions):- हेनरी बेक्वेरेल
रेडियम की खोज (inventions):- मैडम क्यूरी
डायनामाइट (inventions):- अल्फ्रेड नोबेल
PH स्केल (inventions):- एस०पी०सोरेन्सन
हाइड्रोजन (inventions):- हैनरी केवेन्डिश
नाइट्रोजन (inventions):- रदरफोर्ड
ऑक्सीजन (inventions):- शीले और प्रीस्टले
अक्रिय गैस,आर्गन (inventions):- रैमजे और रैले
थोरियम (inventions):- बर्जीलियस
टेलीविजन (inventions):- जे०एल०बेयर्ड
बैरोमीटर (inventions):- टोरिसेली
रेल इंजन (inventions):- जॉर्ज स्टीफेंसन
ग्रामोफोन (inventions):- एडिसन
दूरबीन (inventions):- गैलेलियो
भाप इंजन (inventions):- जेम्स वाट
वैधुत चुम्बकीय प्रेरण (inventions):- फैराडे
एक्स किरण (inventions):- रोन्टेजन
लघुगणक (inventions):- जॉन नेपियर


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